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my drawings i dont have photoshop anymore so i have to get used to gimp :( so im just gonna color my pencils by hand until i feel like doing other stuff on the computer




Mikey Dopest
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My Rl Life bro :iconjohncoldest14:

Call me Mikey, i like to draw Anime sonic and some others i want to become a better artist, and i usually watch people That influences me when i see their art. So if i watch you Its usually Saying u are a much better artist then me lol (its the truth tho), i want to become a better digital artist so id like many help and comments with tips on my digital sketch drawings thx. thats all for now feel free to chat with me or ask me questions id be happy to answer (: lol (i also love using :D and lol alot so if u see that most of the time im nawt really laughing its just a habit lol)


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- Pick 10 of your OCs in any order. If you don’t have 10 OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's char, whatever.
- Don't look at the numbers in the questions while picking the characters! (it's more fun that way)
- Link back to the blank. (… )
- Have fun! Ho ho ho... Santa Clause




1. Say, [10], have you been nice or naughty this year?

Laina: well....i tihnk ive been nice!

2. That's wonderful! Meanwhile [1] and [5] have to do some holiday shopping and the place is super crowded! 

Maiki;...*looking around*....alot of souls in here...

Miako:..cousin noo!!

3. Oh noes, [4] was arrested for throwing some turkeys and a moose out of a helicopter! What happened? Did [2] do anything about it?

Azumi: ummm why am i being blamed for doing this ridiculous action!?

Minori:*pointing at azumi* HAHAHAHA! u got in trouble! u got in trouble!

Azumi:*vein on her head* kicks minori in the sky*

Minori: TT^TT* a star in the sky shines*

4. [10] made a meal for [4], how was it?

Azumi: it was good sis!

Laina: thank u big sis!

*they hug*

5. Rejoice, [6], you are going to be [8]'s secret santa this year! Shh, what would you gift [8] for Christmas?

Rodaku; hmm why doe sit have to be a guy!!! -.-*

Shot: ehhh i was hoping my secret santa wud be a girl!!

6. [9] was randomly visited by [1]'s Ghost of Christmas Past because they was bored. What (interesting) scene did they show [9] about [1]'s past?

Maiki:..i wont be showing anything....kid

Montrail: fine with me...

7. Bummer, a random hobo expelled the ghost. In the mean time [10] is at his/her house alone (if they don't have a house, they're in someone else's house) when some "friendly" burglars decided to "visit" the place...

Robber:* dives in* we want it alll! give us everything!

robber2: *looks around*

Laina: *stares at them*..umm...i dotn rlly kno if im supposed to kill u or...?

*both robbers dive on her*

Laina:*forms into water surrounding them in the air trapped and water and soon drowns*...sorry guys..

8. What is your favorite song for this holiday season, [4]? Heck, pick more than one if you want to!

Azumi: i dont listen to music sorrryyyyy

9. Merry! To spread the holiday spirit the song(s) was played to [3] when he/she was sleeping. What was [3]'s opinion about it?

London: *continues to sleep*

10. For some reasons [5] has been chased around by a team of insane flying reindeer. Oh deer.

Miako:*running* and starts to draw his sword slowly as he is running*

11. [2], [7] and a penguin with fancy moustache was trapped in an ice cave with no way to communicate outside. 15 minutes later what happen?

Minori: we have a penguin! we have a penguin!

Rapid: *lazy face* looking penguin

12. [6] on a snowboard bumped into [9] who was also on a snowboard. They're both fell, rolled through a forest, a frozen stream, a rocky slope and finally landed on a polar bear. What happened next?

Rodaku;*kills the polar bear*chops its head off* starts eating*...hmm..pretty good..

Montrail;*eating* it is actually

13. If there is a poll of best asparagus scarf wearer which one in [1], [3] and [8] will win first place?

Maiki;..keep the scarf away from me...


Shot:...i dont wear scarfs

14. Hey, look, mistletoe! [3] and [7], to kiss or not to kiss?

London;*cracks knuckles*

Rapid:*orange aura surrounds him*

*they began battling*

15. [2] was assigned to sell 666999333 boxes of cupcakes in 24 hours or they will be turned into a distorting elf and work for Satan Claw for eternity. Will they make it through?

Minori:**sitting down*watching a bunch of ninjas selling the boxes* well ive been done for 5 hours  now...

16. [4], [5] and [10] made a band to raise money for charity fund to buy gifts for poor children this winter. How was it going?

Azumi: its going good!

Laina: yea it is!

Miako:..*doing all the work*crying*

Azumi and laina: HURRY MIAKO!!

17. [1] found [6] inside a fridge along with leftover frozen turkey, candy canes, some beers and a collection of grenades. What did they do?

Maiki:..i wont even ask...

Rodaku:..*it feels so goood in here! *drinks beers* eats candy kanes with turkey attached to them*

18. It was raining festive red liquid from the sky, and [3] and [9] was having a snow ball fight-to-death match. How was it end?

London;*throwing giant boulders of snow balls at montrail*

Montrail:*being hit *stuck under the snow and had severe frost bites*

London;..i win...

19. [8] was in charge of decorating a giant pine tree for an important event. How is the tree look like?

Shot: i tihnk it looks pretty good...

20. Everyone in the group was finally having a grand dinner together in peace or in pieces around the pine tree. Tag someone or make the random hobo crash the party to end the meme!

umm anyone who wants to do this?

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